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Terrell Owens Revisits His Days Being Despised by Philly Fans in Carl's Jr. Ad

In a new Carl’s Jr. ad Terrell Owens thinks back to his turbulent 2005 season with the Philadelphia Eagles. During the ad T.O. reminisces about the love he had for Philly food and how much the local fans hated him. He then notices a mass of Philly fans from police officers to small children, outside the steak shop hating on him. In the end Owen’s gets to enjoy the Philly Cheesesteak Burger and deservingly mock himself.

Source: Adweek 12/27/13

Design App Creates Beautiful Photo Collages on Your Phone

Bazaart lets users layer photos to make collages as well as cut the background out of photos. The app allows users to add multiple photos, text overlays and backgrounds including gradients, textures and patterns. Once a creation is made in Bazaart it can be shared easily through social channels.

Source: Mashable 12/18/13

Wearable Health Patch Can Predict Health Emergencies Such as Heart Attacks

The new HealthPatch, created by Vital Connect, is a biosensor worn on the chest to measure caloric burn, heart rate and six other vital signs, as well as detect if the wearer takes a severe fall or if they are at risk for a heart attack. Because the patch is worn on the chest rather than the wrist, it is able to detect signals coming from the body with greater accuracy.

Source: PSFK 12/27/13

Your Call: Which Helmet Should This Olympian Sport?

Designer Cynthia Rowley and skier Lindsey Vonn have teamed up to create fashion-forward, yet safety-first helmets. The range of designs feature everything from a snow leopard to psychedelic flowers. Fans can go visit Lindsey Vonn’s Facebook page and cast their vote on which design Lindsey will wear at the Sochi Olympic Games.

Source: Refinery29 12/27/13

Dog-to-English Translator Funded on Indiegogo

A new dog-to-English translator has now been fully funded for development. No More Woof uses a headset to measure brain activity through lightweight electroencephalography (EEG) and translates the mental states read there.  Still in early stages of development, No More Woof claims it will be able to translate neutral patterns such as “I’m tired” or I’m curious, who is that?”

Source: Fox News 12/26/13

'Alcohockey' Takes Beer Pong to The Next Level

Two students from Alberta, Canada invented Alcohockey, a spin on the popular game beer pong.  The idea is very simple, crafted out of an air hockey table with slots for cups at the goal line, players face off and when the puck is “scored” into a cup, the losing goalie must drink its contents.

Source: Today 12/18/13

Google Play is Giving Away 'Yeezus' And Top Singles From 2013

As part of Play Picks 2013, Google Play is offering Kanye West’s “Yeezus” and Chvrche’ “The Bones of What You Believe” free for a limited time. Alongside the two albums, Google is also offering a selection of 20 singles for free, including Arcade Fire's "Reflektor," Drake's "Started From The Bottom," and Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn."

Source: The Verge 12/27/13

Medical Glasses Let Nurses See Patients’ Veins Through Their Skin

Evena Medical has recently unveiled a pair of glasses that can “see through” skin, and make it easier for doctors and nurses to find the veins in patient’s arms. The Eyes-On Glasses can be worn over existing eyewear and incorporate multi-spectral 3D imaging to make veins show up when viewed via the glasses’ dual cameras.

Source: PSFK 12/24/13

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