Coyne's Cool Office

Coyner Becomes a Pilot for a Day

After experiencing the rush of skydiving from 14,000 feet, what's next for a thrill seeker? On Sunday, February 24th, I checked another item off of my bucket list-piloting a small plane! Upon arrival at the Greenwood Lake Airport in West Milford, my boyfriend Evan and I met our flight instructor who gave a us brief overview of our plane, a single engine Cessna 172. After learning the basics, it was time to climb into the pilot's seat with the instructor close by and ready on the co-pilot controls. I pushed the plane to full throttle and pulled back the control column as we took off down the runway! For twenty five minutes, I flew the plane mostly unassisted over Northern New Jersey forest and reservoirs, got a birds-eye view of Mountain Creek, and navigated a few rain clouds. Once we were back on the ground, Evan and I were already discussing what we would conquer next. My vote is for another adventure in the sky-after all, the view is better up there!

Coyne Does the Harlem Shake

Top Reasons to Work at Coyne's NYC Office for a Day

1. The Great Outdoors. Seems like an oxymoron, but a peek out of the 28th floor's break room window will tell you otherwise. Bryant Park-one of the city's most beautiful green spaces-is our backyard here at Coyne NYC, and the summer months allow us to bask in all the lawn's glory (and take some clutch Instagram shots, too). The options are seemingly endless: consider a happy hour on the Southwest Porch, a quick gruyere grilled cheese lunch at 'wichcraft or even a post-work trip to the Summer Film Festival, which kicks off 6/17 with "Tootsie."

2. Fashion. Whether you fancy a new pair of kicks from Niketown, high-fashion finds at Barney's New York or need a few weekend party pieces from the four-floor Forever 21 Flagship (Tamburino, I'm looking at you), some of the world's best shopping is just blocks away from the Coyne NYC offices. Make like a local and plan your spree on weeknights, when shops aren't as crowded.

3. Broadway, Baby! [Insert obligatory jazz hands here] A well-kept secret among students and theater devotees alike, many of NYC's most popular shows now offer rush, lottery, and standing-room-only (SRO) tickets to get rid of excess inventory on a daily basis. Tony-award winners including "The Book of Mormon" and "Newsies"-both of which are around the corner from the Coyne NYC office-open their lotteries during the late afternoon. Scoring a seat could morph a so-so day at the office into an unforgettable evening. Check out for more info.

4. Power Lunches. Everybody knows that NYC is the epicenter of media, and you don't have to be Don Draper to break bread with the big wigs. Take that "TODAY" producer, Men's Health editor or New York Post reporter you've been courting out for a pie at John's, a salad at the Smith or a burger at PJ Clarke's, and your clients will thank you later. Need suggestions on places? Just ask us-we like food!

5. Fresh Faces. Even though all of us, especially Chris Brienza, have Neutrogena commercial-caliber mugs, I'm not talking about our skin. I'm also not referring to "fresh" in the sense of how cool we are (even though we are super fresh like that, too). If you've never been, a trip to our offices on West 40th will introduce you to your other family across the river, providing you with a fresh set of perspectives on brainstorms, pitch ideas and client life. Plus, "The Bachelorette" just premiered, and we sincerely welcome your thoughts on who is going to win Des' heart.

Come see us soon!

Coyne Interns Take on the Big Apple at Internfest

Your hardworking interns joined about 150 of tomorrow's future PR superstars, to gain insight from industry leaders at the Council of Public Relations annual Internfest. Each speaker and panelist offered treasured advice on all things PR - from breaking into the industry to current creative trends, no topics were off-limits. Here are some inspiring takeaways:

Reach for 'Good Uncertainty'
Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO, Pure Performance Communications

Someone (by someone I mean an obscure Google source) once said that "uncertainty is the human emotion that surfaces right before genius emerges," grasping the essence of Breakenridge's opening point. Too often we fall into a rut of comfortable repetition, even in the ever-changing world of PR. As an intern, I'm often feeling uncertain - is this pitch the perfect balance of professional and conversational? Breakenridge urged us to hold onto that. When you're uncertain, you're trying. When you're trying, you're pushing yourself and the industry forward.

From an Internship to a Job
Panel Discussion

The panel discussed setting yourself apart from a sea of desperate recent graduates trying to break into the same field. Understand the work culture for which you are applying, always raise your hand, attain an air of professionalism without losing your individuality, and of course, network, were all themes echoed throughout the discussion. A reminder of the advice we hear all through school - but set against the backdrop of a current internship experience, the panelists' words held more weight. We are more than "the people who write the press releases," so why settle for that, even as interns? While every piece of work is important, it's just as important to know why you're producing it - so ask questions and understand a campaign's strategy. Once in the industry, learn the media landscape, get to know the issues, and constantly keep a pulse on industry competitors - that, according to our panelists, will be a great head start towards earning a reputation as an industry expert.

Recent Trends
Jim Joseph, President, North America, Cohn & Wolfe

Our keynote speaker gave an engaging presentation on current industry trends. The key to staying on top, he explained, is engaging with other brands yourself - feeling the impact and strategizing what works, what doesn't, and how you can adapt trends to engage your own audience in a meaningful way. "The rise of the stunt," "consumers taking control," "brands having a voice," "brands having a purpose," "news drafting," and finally, "the use of employees" are trends all dominating today's hot campaigns.

Overall, the program was packed with important industry insight, fostering discussion that sets the bar high for tomorrow’s public relations industry standards. And to answer the duel-personality question, Joseph made it clear that there is only one you - your social media presence is your first impression, so keep your keg-stand skeletons in your closet.